• Diagnostic technology for Lymphoedema at InBalance Physiotherapy & Pilates.

    Evidence suggests early diagnosis of lymphoedema, before it becomes clinically obvious, may reduce the risk by half. This means only education on care of the limb and an exercise program to reduce and control the oedema may be required. InBalance is able to offer the latest tool in diagnostic technology L-Dex Bio-impedence.



    Lymphoedema occurs when the lymphatic system (which is responsible for clearing fluid from tissues) does not function properly. It is often a complication following breast and other forms of cancer treatment. It can result in long-term swelling of one or more parts of the body which can be extremely debilitating and painful if not addressed early.
    Inbalance is able to offer the latest tool in diagnostic technology: the L-Dex Bio-impedence.
    This is a device that detects incremental changes in the fluid volume of an arm or leg. It is a very accurate for detecting early signs of Lymphoedema often well before it is noticeable clinically and therefore may greatly help reduce the risk of its development.
    Small currents undetectable by the client are passed through several electrodes on the hands and feet. The greater the degree of fluid present, the more easily the current travels. The unit converts the measurements of the affected and non-affected limb into a score, which indicates the degree of swelling present.
    Early diagnosis using the L-Dex Bio-impedence means the patient may only require education on care of the limb and an exercise program to reduce and control the oedema. Preventative education about Lymphoedema to those with a limb at risk (i.e. post removal of breast cancer, or radiotherapy to lymph nodes) may reduce the incidence of Lymphoedema.
    Effective early Lymphoedema treatment can best manage symptoms of Lymphoedema provided a diagnosis is made and intervention commences in the first (reversible) stage of the condition.


    Lasers were first used for wound healing in the 1960s, and there is a large body of research to illustrate how laser light enhances healing and reduces pain. Research papers have been published indicating positive effects can be achieved in many areas, such as healing diabetic ulcers, reducing pain associated with shingles and reducing plantar warts.
    Different types of lasers produce different types of light or wavelengths depending on type of use, depth and size of area requiring treatment. The units used in Lymphoedema management and musculoskeletal treatments produce wavelengths of laser between 632 and 904 nanometers. Different wavelengths have different depths of penetration and can have slightly different effects on the tissue.
    Our Medical grade laser unit can cover larger areas of tissue (up to 10cm x 10cm) in one session. A hand held unit can also be used which have a smaller aperture to treat specific areas (1cm x 1cm).
    Research had shown that laser use increases lymphatic function and regeneration. Use of a specialised scanning laser allows therapists to treat Lymphoedema of the chest, breast, armpit and arm as well as lower limbs. Hand held units can be used in conjunction with the scanning laser to focus on areas of fibrosis and tightness which obstruct lymphatic return.
    There is minimal sensation or side effects with laser treatment when used by experienced practitioners. Symptoms such as heaviness, aching and tightness are often improved following Laser sessions. The therapist will be able to provide advice as to the frequency of treatment required for sustained improvement.
    Laser is also extremely beneficial when treating cording, also known as axilliary web syndrome which commonly occurs following surgery. Other use of laser includes management of diabetic ulcers, and slow or poor wound healing.



    Management of Lymphoedema often involves the use of custom made compression garments or bandaging. Garments are often beneficial when flying due to reduced cabin pressure.


    Compression is used to reduce fibrosis and accumulated lymphatic fluid and leakage of lymph from blood vessels to surrounding tissues.


    Bandaging may be required before compression garments are then used for short-term management.



    Drainage Specialised massage techniques can be used to enhance the function of the lymphatic system by moving fluid toward the deeper lymphatic system.


    Manual lymphatic massage involves light pressure stimulate initial lymph vessels and should only be performed by appropriately qualified therapists. Longer term Management thus requires that clients are educated in terms of self-lymphatic drainage, appropriate exercises, skin care and garment use.


    AS OF JANUARY 2017

    Every attempt is made to provide current and up to date information regarding our fees, however they are subject to change and we encourage clients to check with reception regarding treatment costs at time of booking.


    If you have multiple issues or a complex, long standing problem, it is advised to book a 45 or 60 minute Initial appointment.



    • Initial Consultation (60min) $115
    • Lymphoedema Follow up (60min) $115
    • Lymphoedema Follow up (45min) $85
    • Lymphoedema Follow up (30min) $65
    • Laser Therapy Only (15 min) $30
    • Laser Therapy Only (30 min) $45
    • Private Home Visit (minimum 45 min – plus travel @ $0.70/km) $140


    Prior to your consultation date a text confirmation is sent to you. Please respond quickly to accept or a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation. Otherwise a non attendance fee will be charged.


    Medicare Enhanced Primary care plans can now be processed on site with HICAPS


    The above prices are for payment made on the day the service has been provided. Services not paid for on the day are subject to a $5.00 account keeping fee.


    HICAPS Health Fund rebates available on Physiotherapy and massage services dependent on health fund.


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